1000 Portrait Illustrations

Over a year ago Julia Schonlau contacted me to see if she could feature my work within a new book she was working on - 1000 Portrait Illustrations.

Now, over a year later, I received an email to say that the book had been published and has been on the shelves since November 2012. I'm super pleased my work  has been published within 1000 Portrait Illustrations, and sits alongside some of the worlds best illustrators and artists.

Other artists include Daniel Krall, Kelly Thompson and Bruce Wymer. Armed with a renewed enthusiasm I'll be getting the pens out to draw more portraits very soon. The book has been described as a beautiful addition to the 1,000 series,

1,000 Portrait Illustrations showcases the best work from renowned artists from across the globe. With detailed profiles, extensive interviews, and gorgeous imagery, this book is a feast of creativity. (www.qbookshop.com, 2012)