Travel Sketches from Perú

We travelled the length and breadth of Perú for three months recording our journey on the Travel with Turton travel blog. Arthur Salt took care of the words and I created the images. I've started working on some travel sketches to record the time we spent there, the people we met on the way and the sights we saw on the road. black rottweiler sketch

'Pardo' your not so friendly neighbourhood Rottweiler is a great character to draw. He would insist on sitting directly outside Mario's front door so each visit would entail a wrestle with Pardo to get past.

Cusco_Old_Man_Sketch Struggling to stay awake this old guy was sat on a bench in Cusco in the San Blas region.

Lima Love

'Lima Love' is a recognisable graffiti tag found in subtle spots all over the city of Lima. I'm looking forward to getting some pure Peruvian colours on this, it's got to be neon all the way. I will be working on more travel sketches inspired by our time in Perú over the coming weeks and will be posting them up on my Instagram profile as time goes on.

New Year, New Website, New Travel Plans

It's been busy over the last couple of months, I've been working on some exciting collaborations, new commissions, this new website and, perhaps most importantly, on my travel plans to South America! Before I delve into that, here on my brand new site you’ll find an updated portfolio packed to the brim with my latest work and recent news. The idea is to streamline my illustration content making it easier for me to manage (while I'm away) and for you to find and stay up to date with my portfolio and blog in one place.

It's Responsive


The new website is fully responsive so you can view it ‘on the go’ on any device. Leave me a reply and let me know what you think?

New Work

I've been asked to get involved with an interactive editorial illustration iPad App called 'New Wave'. Due for release in early 2014 by Republic Press I'm itching to see the final result and will keep you posted on the final release dates. Over the Autumn I also worked on a collaboration for the Eye Candy Festival in Birmingham which launched at the end of October. I was commissioned to produce some large scale pieces for feature across one of Birmingham’s last surviving derelict Victorian buildings – Unity House. You can see and read more about the Unity House Illustrations here.

Travel with Turton


So for more exciting news…I will start 2014 with a year long trip to Peru! Having finally bitten the bullet, quit my job, rented my house, sold my car, furniture and imac I will be spending the next year learning Spanish, getting to know family and volunteering at a Children's Charity. I plan to document my travels and journey across South America over at a travel blog covering design, photography, illustration, fashion and food. The latest interview is with Hass and Hahn of Favela Painting, they talk about their most recent Kickstarter project to raise $100,000 to paint an entire hillside favela in Rio de Jenero, Brazil.

Finally - staying in touch

While I'm away and as long as I have a decent wi-fi connection I'll be blogging on and updating this site with hand drawn sketches and illustrations of my adventures. You can follow me on twitter, facebook, flickr, Google+ and instagram too, links are at the top of the site, so be sure to say ‘hi’. Wishing everyone a good New Year I look forward to sharing my South American adventures with you in 2014!