Pick Me Up London

Last week-end I visited Pick Me Up for the second year in a row. Pick Me Up is known as the Contemporary Graphic Arts Fair, an annual event that takes place at London's Somerset House. Joined by fellow illustrator Vicky Newman we took a sunny stroll along the banks of the River Thames to the venue.

Luckily we passed straight through the queues (thanks to pre booked tickets) onto the halls and galleries of the fair. Cups of coffee in hand to help with the stamina required to cope with the sheer amount of work on show! We didn't want to miss a thing and after a 6am start a girl could do with as much help as possible.

As you enter, the main hall is rammed with new work by Pick Me Up selected artists. My new favourites include the following artists. It's the last day tomorrow and it seems @modern_toss will be taking their Portrait Booth, if I could, I would - for a measly £20 you can get your very own offensive portrait - what could be better yeah?

Zeloot Zeloot

David Sparshott David Sparshott

Kristjanas Williams Kristjanas Williams

Riikka Sormunen Riikka Sormunen

Paul X Johnson Paul X Johnson Tom Frost Tom Frost