Pictoplasma 2014

Being an avid Pictoplasma fan and follower since my first Character Design and Animation Conference in 2006 I was just a little bit excited to find out how founders Peter and Lars had planned to celebrate Pictoplasma's 10 year anniversary. After cutting short our trip to South America I hadn't expected to be able to join the character laden celebrations but as time was to tell I managed to get a plane and headed straight to Berlin with my sights firmly set on seeing the Pictoplasma Character Walk exhibitions.


From our base in Alexanderplatz armed only with a character walk map and sadly no conference ticket to hand I explored the beautiful city of Berlin seeking out all 14 of the Pictoplasma exhibition venues. Encountering a plethora of crazy characters in various forms along the way I slowly uncovered new loves while rediscovering old ones.

Brecht Vanderbrooucke


Brecht Vandenbroucke's dynamic scenes are colourfully hand painted using bright bold gouache providing a witty commentary on modern day society and our reliance on social media and technology. These dark and often humorous panels were a surprise break from the norm.brecht-vandenbroucke-2

Moving across the city to the heart of Mitte we climbed the graffiti laden corridors to the Neurotitan Gallery.


The Neurotitan Gallery is where the last Inkygoodness Character Totem exhibition was held in 2011.

Neurotitan-Gallery Packed to the rafters with old coffee table favourites to freshly pressed self published gems, this gallery and book store is a comic and art book collectors dream. Outside-Neurotitan-Gallery Outside in the courtyard tourists pile into the entrance at the Neurotitan Gallery. el-grand-chamaco-2 Bringing the Mexican sunshine to Berlin El Grand Chamaco characterises the traditional Mexican Piñata. Struggling with his emotions this fun filled piñata doesn't know if he enjoys being battered for entertainments sake. He wears his emotions on his hands where his anger and happiness are clearly shown. el-grand-chamaco-1 Commissioned by the team at Hickies each artist was invited to customise a piece of footwear. Hickies produce a groundbreaking elastic lacing system turning any shoe into a slip on. Seeing the characters and stories each artist came up with Hickies fell in love with the idea of producing not only revolutionary lace ups but a unique series of character based shoe accessories. Through the magic of 3D printing the characters to adorn your feet were born and available for purchase.

be-yourself-unless-youre-a-unicorn Moving on and around the city we spotted this huge wall mural offering some very respectable advice.

"Be yourself. Except if you're a unicorn, then be a unicorn."

Part two of the Pictoplasma blog follows with the Portrait Gallery, the Berlin Wall and much much more.