Beermat Characters

My latest work will be on display at the Inkygoodness - Beermat Characters Exhibition taking place this April at the Coningsby Gallery, London. The exhibition will play host to new, up and coming illustrators who have each taken a Beermat and created a unique hand painted character. The variation and styles will certainly be something to behold. A collection of 'work in progress' sketches for my Beermat Character - Ondine can be found below.

Work in progress - Ondine

Work in progress - Ondine

Work in progress - Ondine

Work in progress - Ondine

Work in progress - Ondine

Final Piece - Ondine for Inkygoodness' Beermat Characters Exhibition

Ondine Beermat Character - Detail

The final piece will be framed and exhibited at the Coningsby Gallery between Monday 29th April untill Saturday 4th May. Read more about exhibition, the other amazing artists taking part and the collaboration with Ammo Magazine's Poop Deck Project over on the Inkygoodness blog.

Update: Video produce by Craig Bush of the exhibition set up and launch.

Inkygoodness: Beermat Characters + The Poop Deck Project Launch from Inkygoodness on Vimeo.

Inkygoodness Beermat Characters Flyer

Inkygoodness blog take over

Inkygoodness were invited to take over the Middleboop Mag blog! So everyday last week myself and Lisa wrote articles on our loves, favourite artwork and illustrators, shared news on what's been happening in Birmingham, London and further afield in Latin America as well as shared our favourite music videos, tactile illustration and moving image. Take a look at the Middleboopmag  blog; all our articles are tagged with 'inkygoodness' and most of them can be found in the 'Design' category. Otherwise I have complied a lovely list of all the articles below for you too - enjoy.

Pointe Blank and Fake Magazine Event

Super fun times were had all round on Saturday with the Pointe Blank kids and Fake Magazine at the 6/8 Kafe, Birmingham. It was good to meet up with the creative movers and shakers of Birmingham for a get together over a cup of hot chocolate.

The event launched the Pointe Blank 'Hobsons Choice' exhibition at the 6/8 Kafe and the latest edition of Fake Magazine. Organised by Pointe Blank and Fake Magazine, Inkygoodness tagged along to see what all the fuss was about.

@Robintheoffice of Birmingham Royal Ballet fame bought along some blank beermats for any willing doodlers to create their own Beermat Characters for the Inkygoodness competition.

Claire Hartley the organiser behind the Pointe Blank exhibition and Kerry Lesley of Fake Magazine were also on hand to meet and greet, holding the fort on the sales side and organising the live art happening outside.

Pippa Stewart and others braved the cool temperatures outside working on a series of live drawings with a 'Hobsons Choice' theme.

This was my first encounter with Fake Magazine and the lovely Kerry Leslie, we should definitely get together and do more events like this in the future. Thanks to the 6/8Kafe for hosting the event and to Rob for supporting the Inkygoodness Beermat Competition.

Pointe Blank at 6/8 Kafe Birmingham

Pointe Blank will be at the 6/8 Kafe in Birmingham this Saturday 10th March 2012 at 2pm. Pointe Blank will be celebrating the new location of the Hobson's Choice exhibition with the launch of FAKE issue 4 and are hoping to organise some live illustration goodness too!

I will be popping over, might even take some pens with me. It looks as though @robintheoffice will be bringing along some blank beer mats for the Inkygoodness beermat challenge too! He will be leaving them on the tables for any willing doodlers to get involved. Let's hope the weathers nice. Hope to see you there.

Fiend Projects Arts Festival Set Up

The set up for Fiend Projects Arts Festival went swimmingly well. It was great to hang out with Mark Goss, Sam De Buysscher, Jan Werkt and meet lots of new faces. Thanks for looking after us guys. Here's a few photos of the set up, more will be revealed at a later date.  On route to Antwerp On_route_to_Antwerp Prep for Fiend Projects Art Festival Prep for Fiend Projects Art Festival Fiend Projects Window Graphics Fiend_Projects_Window Admiring the Inkygoodness Wall of Poster Art at Fiend Projects Arts Festival Michelle Turton at Fiend Projects Jan Werkt setting up his artwork Jan Werkt setting up his piece Fiend Projects Arts Festival Wall Fiend_Projects_Arts_Festival De Koninck a well deserved drink De Koninck a well deserved drink

Check out some of their work with quick links to their sites.

Find out more about the Fiend Projects Art Festival. Held at the Designcenter de Winkelhaak in Antwerp we believe this is the first of it's kind for artist and illustrator Mark Goss who has done a splendid job on the organisation and curation. We hope to see many more of these to come. Thanks so much for inviting us along.