Travel Sketches from Perú

We travelled the length and breadth of Perú for three months recording our journey on the Travel with Turton travel blog. Arthur Salt took care of the words and I created the images. I've started working on some travel sketches to record the time we spent there, the people we met on the way and the sights we saw on the road. black rottweiler sketch

'Pardo' your not so friendly neighbourhood Rottweiler is a great character to draw. He would insist on sitting directly outside Mario's front door so each visit would entail a wrestle with Pardo to get past.

Cusco_Old_Man_Sketch Struggling to stay awake this old guy was sat on a bench in Cusco in the San Blas region.

Lima Love

'Lima Love' is a recognisable graffiti tag found in subtle spots all over the city of Lima. I'm looking forward to getting some pure Peruvian colours on this, it's got to be neon all the way. I will be working on more travel sketches inspired by our time in Perú over the coming weeks and will be posting them up on my Instagram profile as time goes on.

Wall Mural Perú

I arrived in Piura, Peru last week. In the north of the country we're close to the equator and it's Summer. That means 35 degree heat, scorching sun and a river swarming with malaria ridden mosquitoes. Luckily our hotel had air con, sound proofing, a hot shower and a pool! Piura sunset

This was welcome luxury as we were due to start our volunteering work at the Hogar Anita Goulden a home for children with mental and physical disabilities and knew it wasn't going to be a walk in the park. The Hogar is the only one of it's kind in north Perú and is completely funded by British charity the Anita Goulden Trust.

Hogar Anita Goulden Trust

After a few days getting to know the staff and children, helping out around the home and assisting with therapy sessions we got the go ahead to paint a wall mural in the therapy area. As the children mainly exercise using play mats on the floor the artwork needed to be low lying.

Sketch for wall mural

I designed the mural so all the detail remained as close to the floor as possible to ensure the children get the best view point. As many of them don't get the chance to explore outside very often I decided to paint an outdoor scene characterising all the elements from smiley trees to happy clouds and angry birds.

residents watch wall mural progres

With some help from my partner in crime we drew, masked, painted and risked our lives for five hours in the dangerous and sweltering Mercado Central trying to buy emulsion paint. Eventually we managed to complete 6 meters of wall in five days.

wall mural work in progress

wall mural cloud detail

wall miral rabbits and dogs

Painting the birds

thank you from the hogar

So finally this Saturday we celebrated with the staff and children with a small fiesta, chinking plastic cups of cherryade and eating cake to latino tunes. We're both super pleased to have had the opportunity to meet the children and staff at the Hogar Anita Goulden and hope the mural brightens and entertains for many years to come. Find out more about our adventures in Perú over at the Travel with Turton travel blog.

Illustrated Wall Mural Peru