Hola Pictopia!

After having spent the night messing about with WordPress I have finally managed to get the blog up and running - Hoorah! So welcome to the site and welcome to the first entry - all about Pictoplasma. The Character Design and Animation Festival is only 4 weeks away and there's lots still to do. The festival takes place in Berlin on 19 - 23 / 03/09  opening with the Character Walk; a guided tour of over 20 galleries and project spaces  showcasing different positions of artists working over the genre of "reduced figuration" . I will be going along with fellow inkygoodness partner in crime Lisa Hassell to not only promote the next inkygoodness show but take a well deserved break soaking up the sights and inspiration of sunny Berlin. The line up includes: Boris Hoppek (GRM/SP), Gaston Caba (ARG) , Andrea Crews (FR), Aj Fosik (USA), Charles Glaubitz (MX), Protey Teman ( RUS) & W&K Tokyolab (JP). http://pictopia.festival.pictoplasma.com/information